A study you conducted among your clients throws new light on the efficacy of your solution or the emergence of a technology trend.

Data from the field gives fresh insights into how a new trend is impacting customer behaviour.

Data is a powerful tool with which you can change perceptions or start a new discussion. But numbers alone do not mean much, unless you put them in the right context. On the other hand, a Point of View (POV) by an industry leader has the ability to influence opinion but the POV needs the backing of research to make the right impact. Whitepapers provide you an opportunity to offer your stakeholders evidence-based, persuasive content woven around your company’s viewpoints. A whitepaper backed by strong research helps you establish your thought leadership in the industry.

Putting a whitepaper together needs a mix of skills – technical knowledge, primary and secondary research, lucid writing and data visualisation. A content partner brings creativity to a whitepaper project, making dense, dry content easy to consume. Purple Iris Media has led whitepaper projects, guiding clients from the stage of data selection to conducting secondary research and producing the final product with the right visuals and graphics to illustrate and support the text.

Some samples of our work