You need to keep your employees excited about being part of the organisation and motivated to play their part.

You need to regularly inform and update your stakeholders about developments in the organisation, and convey to them your leaders’ thoughts and views on matters that concern the business.

Newsletters offer organisations the perfect space to connect with internal and external stakeholders at regular intervals. However, producing a periodical is a resource-consuming activity that puts enormous strain on internal teams who need to juggle this task with other job responsibilities.

Purple Iris Media manages the entire process of producing a newsletter — from creating an editorial mix, generating content, editing and proof-reading, to layout and design. We ensure that your newsletter content follows a high quality standard, meets the objectives defined by you, and adheres to timelines.

With Purple Iris Media taking care of the nitty-gritties, our clients are relieved of the chore of generating and sanitising content, and of tedious production schedules.

Some samples of our work