You are an authority in your field of work.

You have deep knowledge of and insight into your area of specialisation.

But how do you spread that knowledge? How do you influence opinion and steer conversations? You need to get the word out, and there is no better way to do it than by writing articles.

Leaders may understand the value of a well thought out article, but in most cases they either do not have the time to spare or are unable to articulate their thoughts in an organised, persuasive manner.

Purple Iris Media has extensive experience in writing articles for newspapers, thought leadership columns, magazines, trade publications and websites. Leaders use our article writing services for contributory pieces, commentaries and blogs around current political and industry trends and developments, a company’s offerings and contributions, and leisure pieces. We are a valuable extension of a company’s marketing and communications function, ably backing its efforts to create thought leadership and a strong brand for its leaders beyond the company.

Our clients look to us to create pitches for articles in the media, identify and refine storylines that position a leader’s messages in a manner that is educative yet appealing to the reader, and provoke thought and influence opinion around current hot buttons.

We help senior executives create thought leadership. Articles and blogs written by us for business leaders have appeared in a number of publications and blogs such as the ones below: